Telehealth Levels 1-3: Tell-A-Vision Telehealth™ Essentials

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Telehealth has grown in importance with the pandemic of COVID-19. Learn holistic and traditional methods to help clients from your home office with Tell-A-Vision Telehealth™. 21 credit hours approved by NCBTMB.

Wish you could reach out and touch your clients when you are out of the office and restricted from any human contact outside without PPE?  Support your practice and your clients with Tell-A-Vision Telehealth™ now.  You can even earn up to 21 CE credits approved by NCBTMB Inc.!

With the social distancing required of our global community, people are missing the healing effects of human touch, that reassuring essential element of human connection that is so urgently needed.  As we rely more and more on our online connections, how can we help our clients, families, coworkers and community?

Telemedicine offers new avenues for health care management using standard Western medicine.  Where do your clients turn for that dose of holistic healthcare when they need it most to lift their spirits and boost their healthy lifestyles? Start offering Tell-A-Vision Telehealth™ now with holistic healing technology.

Science shows that bioenergy-based holistic healing methods such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch can ease pain, improve immune response, and reduce stress for better sleep, less anxiety and tension and a healthy lifestyle.  Take advantage of your time at home and learn ancient methods to share the gift of Reiki with your clients, right from your own home, as a Telehealth option.  As a Certified Reiki Practitioner, help your clients from home: begin booking those empty appointment slots now with TeleReiki.  As a bonus, learn evidence-based manual therapies online as part of your integrative health education with Educise, and earn up to 21 CE credits!  Be ready to return to work with enhanced skills that take you to the next level!

Start Here: GET CERTIFIED in First Degree Reiki, Second Degree Reiki and Advanced Reiki Training ART:  all online!

AND get 10 CE credit hours for 3 courses: Infection Control, Myofascial Release and Chronic Pain: all 3 levels for only:

$199.00 Original Price $497.00.  Huge Discount: only $199.00,  14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This 3-part program includes:

  • 10+ hours online video
  • Mindful relaxation for health audio links
  • Top Tips articles
  • Downloadable resources links
  • Full year membership access
  • Access on mobile and computer
  • Certificates of Completion for First- and Second-Degree Reiki
  • Certificates of Completion for 10 hours of continuing education course credits approved by the NCBTMB, Inc. and NY State Board of Massage Therapy and NY State Board of Physical Therapy upon successful completion of online courses, quizzes and evaluations.Online courses include:
    • Intro level 1: Reiki 1st degree and Infection Control (COVID19) 2 credits
    • Level 2: Reiki 2nd degree Certificate and Myofascial Release 4 credits
    • Level 3: Reiki Advanced Reiki Training ART Certificate and Chronic Pain 2 credits


    Bonus: for all who complete Levels 1-3: Trigger Point Release Fast ‘n Easy 2 credits

  • Total 10 credits for Level 1-3 with your bonus!
  • All credits are for the NCBTMB-approved continuing education credits for courses in Infection Control, Myofascial Releae and Chronic Pain. Certification in Reiki is provided by Educise PC Health & Wellness for additional non-CE credit hours.
  • Expected estimate of time for completion of Advanced coursework is 20 hours with independent practice and review.
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