Energize Your Life Webinar– Put Yourself in a Better State of Mind-Body-Spirit


Powerful tips to build more energy for what you love, to make the most out of your vibrant lifestyle!

What would you do to be able to have more energy to do what you love?

Find out how to energize your life naturally!

  • Improved focus and energy
  • Better sleep & relaxation
  • Less pain, stress, & anxiety
  • Enhanced immune response

Time-tested skills to create more energy for a healthy life

Join us on your Mastermind journey:

Powerful tips to build your vibrant lifestyle, based on the latest scientific and integrative medicine research, for you to experience personally!

Each Mastermind class: $25

Get your link to a better life now: 1-2 hrs. each webinar. Be sure to put Educise on your email contacts to avoid losing your link in the spam folder.

Engaging experiential practice, immediate application, fun, interactive discussion on Zoom.  Our host is an international speaker, author, hypnotherapist, educator, health and fitness coach, massage therapist, and orthopedic physiotherapist. 877-281-3382


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