Dream Journey Epiphany


Master mindful journeying techniques to create the life you love, create a dream journey board to boost your focus on success in a fun engaging experience.

Integrate the ancient shamanic practice of journeying with the art of creative expression!

Upgrade your Life: Create your vision for 2024!

  • Want a new opportunity to dream big and create real results?
  • Connect with your higher power and friends for a fun-filled experience

Dream Journey Epiphany:

Live Event!  Sat. January 6th: noon -3pm: Newbury NH

Dream Journey is a fun, guided workshop where you design your future through creative art and intuitive guidance.

Learn to create your Dream Journey Board as your GPS to manifest results! 

Exchange: $33

Coach Dr. Theresa will guide you with easy steps to amplify your power and insight, integrating dynamic ancient and contemporary strategies backed by research and first-person knowledge.

To build your board, bring: Paper/pen to journal your experiences. Colorful poster board (about 22”x28” or more), glue, scissors, colored pencils/crayons, fun crafty items (glitter /fabric), a stack of colorful magazines to cut pictures from, and your favorite photos from online.  We will create a dream board to map our journey to a life of meaning, joy and fulfillment.

Register early, space is filling fast!

Lean into the New Year with Vision!

Invite Dr. Theresa & her enriching Dream Journey & mindful experiential workshops to your meeting, school, or library! (877)281-3382.

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