Modern Mindfulness Webinar-Quick ‘n Easy Ways to Wellness


Learn to use easy mindful practices for a life of greater ease and less stress.

What would it mean to be able to boost your health?

How would you feel if you could tune out the stress of the crazy world we live in today?

Experience how to apply modern Mindfulness practice to your daily life for

  • Improved focus and energy
  • Better sleep & relaxation
  • Less pain, stress, & anxiety
  • Enhanced immune response

Real results based on the latest evidence from the National Institute of Health and peer reviewed journals.

Each Mastermind class: $25

Get your link to a better life now: 1-2 hrs. each webinar.

Engaging experiential practice, immediate application, fun, interactive discussion on Zoom.

Your host is an international speaker, author, hypnotherapist, educator, health and fitness coach, massage therapist, and orthopedic physiotherapist. 877-281-3382


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