1. Recognize your fearful feeling is present for a reason. Identify the sense of loss to determine if it is realistic or not. (Loss of: job, approval of others, property, money, respect, being right, favorable condition.) Know what triggered your reaction.
  2. Know your fear is manageable with a shift in perception. Fear creates a protective response from your nervous system, to guard against actual threats, real or imagined. Is it danger, or just a trigger of an old fear?
  3. Pause and reflect. Did the content trigger your reaction, or that of the person you are communicating with? Are you or the other party) feeling offended, confused, angry, hurt, threatened, embarrassed, vulnerable, or diminished by something they did or said?
  4. Shift the energy: ask questions, stop to think, identify the trigger, acknowledge how you or they felt, and apologize for any mistakes.
  5. Practice pausing and adjust your words during stressful conversations to redirect the energy for a better outcome. Take a deep breath of power create a more positive atmosphere for optimal communication.

Offered by Theresa A. Schmidt, PT,DPT,MS,OCS,MT,CEAS,CHy,DD

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