Educise VIP Mastermind Membership Gold 1 year


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Be the VIP. Join the elite Educise VIP Mastermind club to reach your full potential!

Access expert support to:

  • Develop skills that create raving fans
  • Get results with evidence-based techniques that work fast
  • Feel better using ergonomically efficient moves
  • Save time and money with affordable home study seminars
  • Eliminate burnout with stimulating ideas for your sessions
  • Connect with expert coaches with Masterminds for insight that boosts your expertise and passion for clinical and life mastery!

VIP Member Benefits:

  • Monthly Top Tips to maximize clinical skills online
  • Unlimited VIP access to our course content online
  • Quarterly mastermind live virtual meetings for skills coaching and Q&A with our expert faculty
  • Members-only discounts on live seminars, mastery coaching and products
  • Low fees per member and discounted group rates for franchises and offices.

Pay one low yearly fee to begin your journey to mastery, with the support of experts in the field of integrative health education and wellness. Individual and group or franchise rates available, call for group discount rates, 877-281-3382. 


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