Energize! 3 Hour Workshop


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An Experiential 3-Hour Hands-on Workshop

What if you could access more energy and connect to your Higher Power,  fast?

What would it be worth to you?

  • Experience the world of subtle energy fields, that affect your life
  • Gain skills in sensing energy,
  • Use ancient practices to balance and harmonize your energy, for peak fitness of body-mind-spirit!
  • Discover wellness tips, bodywork secrets, and mindful practices you can use immediately to empower your life.

Recharge with Higher Power at 3 hour live seminar:

  • Describe subtle energy fields
  • Experience sensing your energy field
  • Perceive the energy of others
  • Practice centering to improve your Heart   Coherence for health and balance
  • Use the field to protect and surround yourself  with Light and Love for healing and guidance

Workshop includes lecture, discussion, practice labs, and working in groups to experience the energetic fields and enhance perceptual and intuitive intelligence to maximize knowledge, power and self-healing for greater quality of life.

Bring this workshop to your office or home, sponsor the course and attend for free! Minimum 8 attendees. $75 each.

Directions and location info will be sent to your email. For questions, contact Educise at 877-281-3382

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