Learn how to relax and unwind that tension and internal chatter of your mind. Using gentle breathing techniques, visualization, sound, positioning and movement activities, you can quiet your mind and release that tension you are carrying around. With our simple guidance, you can discover how to easily reduce the effects of stress on your mind-body-spirit and energize your life with a wonderful tool you can use for a lifetime. Relax with mindfulness techniques and meditation to create better focus and concentration, improved sleep, muscle tension release, and more! The benefits are well-documented in the evidence-based research. Discover the benefits at

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Personal session rates $175-495, Call for information on special rates for our engaging group classes and conference rates.

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Explore the incredible fields of subtle energy and the anatomy and function of the seven main chakras, or vortices of energy in the body. Discover the relationship between the chakras and the autonomic nerve centers that may affect multiple systems throughout the body. Understand the symbolism of each chakra, its associated characteristics, location, and function, including color, sound, glands, elements, frequency, and emotional traits. Sharpen your intuitive skills with practice of sensing the chakras and the subtle energy field of the body. Learn how to center your thoughts with mindfulness practice to open your sensitivity to perception and assessment of the subtle energy field. Learn how to detect imbalances in the energetic imprint of each chakra, and the implications of imbalance. Discuss the latest evidence-based research on the subtle energy systems of the human body in this experiential course. Understand the relationship between chakra imbalance and body-mind-spirit dis-ease, and perform a healing meditation exercise designed to promote balance and well-being in the energy system.


4 hour class without lab: $125, 8 hour class with hands-on lab: $225, Workbook: $25 download

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The Symbolism Behind Dis-ease

Everyone has heard expressions related to a person’s attitude, disease, or health condition. Why did those old wise sayings emerge? What does it really mean to have a “chip on his shoulder”? Whose boss is really a pain in the neck? That problem is so bad, it is actually “eating her up”. In today’s world, we observe that we contribute to our own reality with our words, not just with our actions. Did you notice how some people’s words of complaint actually describe their health problems, or other issues of imbalance in their lives? Explore common sayings that seem to describe actual health challenges people experience. Review your own vocabulary and mannerisms to discover where you may be influenced or dis-empowered by your choice of words and phrases, often without your awareness. Learn to select more empowering language in your life, and perhaps even you can get that pain in the butt to clear up! Understand common metaphors for dis-ease in life and how you may turn it around by choosing words reflective of health and well-being.


4 hour class $125, Workbook: $25 download.

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Body-mind-spirit mountain retreat

Empower your life with our amazing rustic weekend retreat for body mind spirit in the gorgeous natural setting of the mountains!

  • Regenerate, rejuvenate, recharge, relax and revive your authentic Self
  • Unplug from the daily dis-stress and re-member your spirit
  • Enjoy the healing effects of Be-ing in Nature with a range of exhilarating experiences.
  • Engage your creativity with meditation, journeying, art, music and drumming by a crackling warm fire surrounded by like-minded spirits on the path.


Embark on the sublime introspective journey of inner healing with mindful meditation and shamanic journeying. Quiet your chatterbox mind and allow your consciousness to blossom. Engage in mindfulness with daily meditation journey classes to enjoy numerous evidence-based health benefits. Embrace your Soul. Enhance your perception of the supernatural world of spirit, soul, and the Creator with guided ancestral music, drumming, chanting, Tibetan bells, crystal bowls and song combined with the sounds of Nature. Access spirit, meet your special guides, and balance your energy, with shamanic journeying and spiritual coaching class. Peek at your potential future with spirit, card, rock and angel readings.


Sharpen your focus, engage your creativity and playfulness, with mindful practices. Decide what you want in life. Design your future with your very visualization exercise. Learn to play once more, to color your life with fun, smiles and memories to take home.


Challenge your senses and your physique with a stroll in the enchanted forest or around the lake. Relax and connect with your inner spirit with a Personal Treat: schedule Reiki spiritual healing, tune-up your nervous system with craniosacral energy-work, explore your spiritual power guides, or review your potential with a card reading. Intimate small group offers you the opportunity to learn, grow and enrich your Self with others who manifest personal transformation and openness to Spirit.


We offer weekend retreats several times a year at our enchanted mountain cottage, or bring a retreat to your location. Contact us or check our Events calendar to treat yourself to a fabulous rustic retreat!

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Quick Tips on Doing it Yourself!

People often spend hours repeating the same motions at their job or at home, or staying in one position for too long, resulting in painful tension and sore muscles, with extra sensitive areas called trigger points. The amount people spend on painkillers, over-the-counter medication, patches, therapy, massages and medical care is skyrocketing. How can you find relief without spending a fortune on appliances, medications, and medical services, with those huge deductibles and copays? Learn how tension and trigger points may be responsible for joint and muscle pain, spasm, and limited mobility. Discover the secret of how to prevent and relieve muscle tension and painful trigger points with gentle positioning and movement techniques. In this course, common musculoskeletal pains are presented, including neck and back pain, shoulder blade pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, and calf pain. Learn proper posture to prevent abnormal tension, try gentle stretches to relax muscles, and practice specific positions to relieve muscle tension in the neck, back, shoulder blade, elbow, and calf. Do consult your medical provider for any health issues before beginning any exercise program, this course is not a substitute for medical care.


4 hour class $125, full day class: $225, Workbook: $25 download.

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