FREE ONLINE SUMMIT THIS WEEK! April 2-9, 2018: Yes You CAN Have it All!

I’m Being Featured in This Summit – Honored to Be Part of Such a Great Line-Up (check it out)

Are you someone who dreams of “Having It All?”

Do you sometimes feel that having it all comes with a big price? Perhaps too high of a price to pay?

Join us for the “Yes! You Can Have It all Summit” where myself and 23 other leading experts share our ideas, insights and tips to support you in having it all and loving it.

 It’s absolutely free to access these bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, so join us!


Here’s the link where you can register ► CLICK HERE

The experts in this series cover a wide array of topics to support us all in this journey and I love that they’re all in short segments (about 15 minutes each). Some of the areas covered are:

  • Reset Your Stress for Success
  • Demystifying Money to Have It All
  • Your Million Dollar Energy Imprint
  • With Love You Can Have It All
  • And so many more strategies and insights on health, wealth, marketing, sales, style, image, vision, recognition and others.

This series is bringing me great value and I would love for you to benefit from these powerful teachers as well.


Here’s the link where you can register ►


My friend and colleague, Nancy Matthews, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Founder of the global organization, Women’s Prosperity Network, and an extraordinary woman who demonstrates having it all and loving it, brought us together to support YOU in doing the same.  Nancy is on a mission to support people in having it all by creating your life by design and making sure you’re experiencing, love, support and fun along the way. If you haven’t met Nancy yet, you’ll surely pick up on her genuine, caring spirit and wealth of knowledge she brings.

As a featured expert, I’m extending the invitation for you to listen to the entire event for FREE!


Once registered, beginning April 2nd and running through Aril 11th, you’ll receive 1 email a day delivered straight to your inbox that will contain 2 to 3 brief interviews. These are value-packed strategies and real tools for you to easily implement into your already busy life. You can download and watch or listen from home, your office or on the go!

Just click this link to reserve your spot now!

I look forward to seeing you!

Theresa A. Schmidt

PS.   Give yourself the gift of saying, Yes, to this series and then … be sure to watch them. I know you’ll thoroughly enjoy each of these expert teachers and that you’ll learn at least one gem from each of them. CLICK HERE ►

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