Tired of feeling stressed with all of the news, threats and quarantines of COVID19?

Boost your day with Dr. Theresa’s Top Tips for Health and Wellness

Bring greater peace and focus to your busy lifestyle, boost your immune system and promote your health with quick and easy mindful tips:

  1. Become aware of your breathing as you go about your day. Pause to feel the breath as you inhale, feel your abdomen expand with the inbreath, and release the tension as you exhale.
  • Everyone has those moments when they just zone out, requiring a mental break, due to fatigue or overwhelm.  It’s a great time to practice a mindful moment.  Observe a beautiful scene out your window, or gaze at a favorite relaxing photo. Take in all the details of the landscape, its scent, color, texture, and sound without judging its quality, just see it as it is.
  • Focus on a single task when possible. Give it your full attention, and allow outside stressful thoughts to simply float by, disregarding their importance.
  • Imagine taking an inner selfie while waiting. Take a brief break, and sense your state of being, like taking a mini trip through your body.  Observe the sensations you feel, without criticism, as a detached observer.
  • Concentrate on the present moment, releasing any attention to the past or worries about the future. Just be here, now.
  • Clear your brain. Jot down your chain of thoughts in a journal to empty your mind, freeing it to attend to what really matters, right here, right now.
  • Choose to slow down doing whatever activity you are engaged in, chew more slowly, spend time tasting the food, feeling the textures and savor the aromas.  Watch how much you can really enjoy it.

Enjoy your tranquil day!

A gift to you from Dr. Theresa Schmidt, DD,DPT

Integrative Therapy and Workshops

for Body-Mind and Spirit

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