Immediate Improvement in Frozen Shoulder with Educise Therapy

Check out what Dr. Schmidt, DPT taught at the Myofascial seminar in NY: huge improvement in mobility for a frozen shoulder in an attendee. View it here:

New testimonial at the Myofascial Release Clinician seminar sponsored by PESI/Vyne Education in White Plains, NY:

From: George Panayotidis, PT of 700 Route 9W South, Nyack NY 10960, thank you for your kind words, George!

“I have enjoyed taking the course “Two Day Myofascial Release” with Dr. Theresa Schmidt.  Ms. Schmidt is an expert in the knowledge and application of manual physical therapy, and she is able to convey her knowledge to her students in an enjoyable manner.  I was involved in a car accident about a year ago, and I sustained a partial tear on my R supraspinatus tendon, and  SLAP tear of the labrum of my R shoulder; after 5 months of PT at a private office, my progress came to a plateau, and my shoulder was left with 0-120 degrees of flexion, and 0-30 degrees of internal rotation.  During this course, Ms. Schmidt evaluated my shoulder, and after a 10 minutes of manual therapy (myofascial release and stretching) I had full flexion, and 0-80 degrees of internal rotation.” June 3, 2019

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