Geriatric Balance & Fall Prevention- Home Study 2 Hrs. CE – Online

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Faculty: Theresa A. Schmidt, PT,DPT,MS,OCS,LMT,CEAS,CHy

Course Description

As our population ages, the incidence of injuries and even deaths from falling is rising.  What can we do to address this issue as health care providers? Our interventions can make a difference. Identify the physiological aspects of balance and how the aging process affects balance. Review of the epidemiology of falls, fall risk factors in the aging population, and changes with aging. Recognize components of balance, and discuss how the aging process alters balance components over time. Learn evidence-based, reliable methods of balance examination. Therapeutic interventions including exercise and functional activities to promote balance and reduce falls are demonstrated for your lab practice. Review current evidence that indicates the effectiveness of the balance interventions, and recommend program design to achieve functional outcomes for balance rehabilitation in the elderly.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the physiological components of balance
  2. Describe balance strategies used to correct deviation of the center of gravity from the base of support.
  3. Perform current, evidence-based balance tests to determine falls risk in elderly persons.
  4. Design exercise and functional activity interventions to reduce the risk of falls in the elderly.
  5. Discuss the research on balance examinations and interventions for reducing falls in the elderly.

 Contact hours: Home study: 2, Live: 7

Course type: Home study, Live or Webinar

Teaching methods:  Lecture, slide presentation, Q&A via e-mail with instructor

Audience: health professionals and personal fitness trainers

Level: Beginner, intermediate

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