Reiki Classes

Level 1 Reiki Certification

Introductory training

Enables you to develop your intuitive senses, receive Reiki attunement, channel energy healing to yourself and your loved ones with hands-on Reiki.

Tuition: Group or Individual Reiki 1 Certification

Level 1: One day class: $197 for a Group class

Sponsor a full class and attend for free with your group, minimum of 10 paid registrants. Call us to ask about our special individual certification rates.

Call 877-281-3382 or use our contact form.

Level 2 Reiki Certification

Training certifies you to be a practitioner.

You will learn the sacred Reiki symbols, how and when to use them for local and nonlocal energy healing, and you will receive a higher level attunement. Level 2 deepens your Reiki access.

Tuition: Group or Individual Reiki 2 Certification

Level 2: 1 day: $197 Group rate.

Special discount: combined Level 1 and 2: 2 days: $375. Sponsor a class of 10 paid registrants, get your tuition free! Ask about our individual certification special rates.

Call 877-281-3382 or use our contact form.

Special multiple course discount!

Get both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 at once and save!

Call 877-281-3382 or use our contact form.

Advanced Reiki Training

ART Reiki Certification

Teaches you how to use Reiki meditation, crystals, grids, and problem-solving at a higher power of Reiki energy, energy extraction, tuning to Reiki guides, and receiving Usui Master attunement.

Tuition: Group or Individual Certification

Level: Advanced Reiki Technique: ART: 1 day group class: $297. Special rates available for sponosrs of group classes and for individual certification class.

Call 877-281-3382 or use our contact form.

Reiki Master Training Reiki Certification

Reiki Master Training Reiki Certification

Includes third level Reiki Usui and Tibetan Master attunements,, extra Tibetan symbols, meditation for chakra energy balancing, healing attunement and aura clearing, and instructor preparation for giving Reiki 1, 2, ART and Master attunements, and hands-on practice.

Tuition: Reiki Master Certification

Level Master: 2 days: $697 for group rate, ask about our individual special rate.

Call 877-281-3382 or use our contact form.

Special discount

Combined Advanced Reiki Training ART with Reiki Master Teacher: classes together in 3 days: $1197

Call 877-281-3382 or use our contact form.

REIKI KARUNA Master 3 days

Special discount

Combined Advanced Reiki Training ART with Reiki Master Teacher: classes together in 3 days: $1197

Prerequisites for Karuna Reiki Master

Karuna Reiki certification requires completion of all prior courses with us or with International Center for Reiki Training ICRT. Prerequisites are: Reiki 1, 2, ART, and Master Certification.

Affiliate Member, International Center for Reiki Training.

FREE REIKI CLASS! and more information about all Reiki classes

Information about all of our classes

Attend a Reiki course for FREE by sponsoring a group class of at least ten paid attendees at your facility. Contact us for details, by sending us your name, address, e-mail, phone and a description of your intentions for Reiki, your experience with Reiki, and which program you wish to sponsor. All course fees subject to change without notice until registered for any class. Additional fees for course materials, workbooks or equipment. Sponsor rates will include tuition plus travel and materials expenses. Refunds provided only for cancellations with at least 14 days notice. Credit may be given for a cancelled course if used within one year only. In event of instructor cancellation, a full refund or credit will be provided.

Mindful Drum Circle July 12th 7pm Newbury NHRelax with traditional drumming meditation for wellness

Mindful Drum Circle:  7-9pm 7/12/22 for wellness of body-mind-spirit!

Enjoy a guided meditation journey to the sound of drumming & singing bowls. 
Bring a drum/rattle, or listen in to connect with your Higher Power with us.

Location: SENT UPON REGISTRATION,  just 4 miles from Mt. Sunapee

877-281-3382  donation: $11

Register at:

Circle is held outside by the fire, weather permitting, or indoors in rain.  Bring your lawn chair. 

Rehab Summit: 42 courses, 4 days! Oct. 8-12, 2022Top speakers, great connections! Get a year's worth of CE in one weekend

The Largest Multi-Disciplinary Rehab Conference in the Nation

If you’re interested in working with today’s leading experts and the most talented and passionate individuals in the industry, this is YOUR event. For the last 14 years, hundreds of the world’s brightest rehab professionals (physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, athletic trainers, licensed massage therapists, and chiropractors) have come together to learn what’s new, what’s actually working, and what’s just around the corner in their field.

Now’s your chance to attend the only rehab conference that allows you to tailor your education to your specialty area and network with your peers from multiple disciplines — plus you’ll earn up to a year’s worth of CE hours.

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