Drum Circle under the Full SuperMoon July 12th 7pm Newbury NH

Event Date:

July 12, 2022

Event Time:

7:00 pm

Event Location:

Open-air meditative Drum Circle in the Fresh Air under the SuperMoon

July 12th Tues. at 7pm  in Enchanted Forest, Newbury, NH

Enjoy a guided dreamy meditation journey to the sound of repetitive drumming in this delightful sound bath.  Bring your highest intentions, write 3 wishes, goals or intentions of a piece of paper for your focus around the fire.

Raise your vibration frequency with us to send Light around our nation and planet.

Let the rejuvenating energy of the full Super Moon and the power of the sacred forest and Grandmother Fire restore your sense of peace and purpose as ancient peoples did years ago.
Reserve early as space is limited.  Bring your own water bottle and snack, and a beach chair or mat to sit on.  It may be chilly, dress for the weather.  We have fans outdoors to blow bugs away.

Enjoy this relaxing Nature treat and invigorate your soul. Connect with your neighbors.

Bring your drum and/or rattles for this outdoor fresh air event that is sure to inspire!

No drum? Make a rattle out of something at home, even a jar full of dry beans! Or sit back and listen.

Rain bring us indoors. Confirm by e-mail.

Location: SENT UPON REGISTRATION, private property just 4 miles from Mt. Sunapee

Donation: $11   Questions? Educise@gmail.com  or call Theresananda at:  877-281-3382

Directions sent by email upon registration. Location: near the eastern end of Old Post Road and 103 in South Newbury.

Event FAQs

Is is necessary to social distance and wear a mask on my face for infection control?

Masks are optional, highly recommended if closer than 6 ft. from other people. Please maintain at least 6 ft. separation from others at this event. If you do not feel well, stay home!

Who is hosting the Drum Circle?

Rev. Dr. Theresa is serving as your guide to this magical drum circle. She will lead the drumming, rattling, and singing bowls to immerse us in a sacred sound bath for mindful meditation, clarity, health, and wellness. All are welcome to play along with us. She will explain the journey exercise, its history, uses over the centuries, and science behind how it works before leading us into a gentle relaxing dreamlike journey to connect us to our higher power and to one another in a loving compassionate environment. All are invited to share their experience at the end of the drumming. You will be amazed at the results!

Is the Drum Circle only for adults?

The Drum Circle is a family-friendly event. All ages are welcome; guardians are asked to supervise children for their safety and enjoyment. It will be a bit noisy for pets to tolerate!

What is I do not have a drum or rattle?

You are welcome to make a homemade rattle or drum, or to simply join us to enjoy the sounds and just listen or chant!

Where is the Cricle?

We are at a private residence in Newbury, near Mt. Sunapee, NH. Directions will be sent with confirmation. Space is limited, only guests who register are welcome to enable proper safe distancing.

Event Location:

Total Seats: 15
  • Newbury
  • NH

Event Schedule Details

  • July 12, 2022 7:00 pm   -   9:00 pm
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Mindful Drum Circle July 12th 7pm Newbury NHRelax with traditional drumming meditation for wellness

Mindful Drum Circle:  7-9pm 7/12/22 for wellness of body-mind-spirit!

Enjoy a guided meditation journey to the sound of drumming & singing bowls. 
Bring a drum/rattle, or listen in to connect with your Higher Power with us.

Location: SENT UPON REGISTRATION,  just 4 miles from Mt. Sunapee

877-281-3382  donation: $11

Register at: https://www.educise.com/product/drum-circle/

Circle is held outside by the fire, weather permitting, or indoors in rain.  Bring your lawn chair. 

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